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Canadian Navy says there is "no acceptable substitute" for Tim Horton's coffee


The men and women defending out front lines need to be alert to stay vigilant, and what better way to keep than alert than with coffee? The Canadian Forces has put a call out for a company to supply Tim Horton's coffee to the Halifax port, who would redistribute the coffee to sailors stationed on land and on water around the world.

The three year tender could prove fairly lucrative to any company that picks up the contract. Jeri Grychowski, a spokeswoman for Canada's Atlantic fleet, said the navy has spent $405,000 on Tim Hortons coffee over the last three years.

"There shall be no acceptable substitute," according to the tender issued by the Canadian Forces earlier this month. "Tim Hortons has been determined by MARLANT" — the navy's Maritime Forces Atlantic command — "as the product of choice based on expressed customer taste and preferences for boosting morale in Afghanistan, Sudan and Sierra Leone."

Tim Horton's is more than just a great cup of coffee -- it's a Canadian icon. It's nice to know that a good cup of Timmies can warm the hearts of homesick military personnel all over the world.

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